Can you write an unpolished thousand words a day? By that I mean unedited words. Pound out paragraphs you may later move around or delete, sentences you may rearrange or cut, characters you may need to make more or less important. New characters you later see you need to introduce.

If you’re writing non-fiction the same rules apply.

The best I’ve gotten so far is about 250 words, but I’m an edit-as-I-write person and this is hard. My mind hangs up when I see I need to fix something, make it better or delete it. But, you see, here the objective is to just Press On!

This summer, I’m aiming for that 1,000 words a day. I’ve already stumbled out of the gate, but today I’m really going for it. No doctor appointments, no laundry to do. All I have to do is fix the meals, feed the cat and brush her, clean the litter box. It’s my day to go all the way.

I’ll let you know how I do.

ATTENTION READERS – You can enter the challenge by reading a book a week for the next six weeks.

By mid-August, leave a comment here to let me know how you’re doing and I’ll enter you for some chances for a free ebook from my backlist or some other prizes.

Post your comments here!

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo by my husband of our 18-mile bicycle route.

SnowMountain3Carolina Valdez    @carolina_valdez      Watch for me on Facebook as Author Carolina Valdez



  1. The day I posted this, I made 944 words on AWAKING THE ALPHA, the gay werewolf romance I’m working on. Deadline for it is September 1 to Amber Quill Press for their Allure line. I realized the goal should be 1,000 words a day five days a week. A good thing, because we’ve had an ennervating heatwave, it’s the weekend and I’m only at 1,556 words.


  2. So far I’ve written 8,000 words since I posted this. I’m doing the best I can, and am now setting a stern limit on how much TV I watch. If I could have written 15,000 words I’d have been on goal, but, alas, it hasn’t worked out so far. Still, I’m not going to stop or beat myself with a wet noodle because I haven’t made it.

    I had a friend as a teenager whose grandmother dressed like an Irish washerwoman. We adored her. One day she said to us, “Forward ever, backward never. You gotta keep that in mind, girls.”

    After she left, we laughed so hard we cried, but I have kept those words in mind ever since. I suggest you might consider them for your motto, too.


  3. I have met my goal of total number of books to read. However, my boys were with their dad for the last two weeks, so I had plenty of extra time to read. I still plan on trying to read a book a week till the end of the challenge though. 🙂


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