I haven’t advertised this as I’d planned, so you have until 8/31/13 to comment here to win one of the prizes. Just let me know how you’ve done on writing 1,000 words a day for five days a week or how many books you’ve read by 8/31. It would be fun to know what these experiences were like for you. Learn anything about yourself as a writer, read anything you loved or hated?

Contact me by clicking on the Contact link on the top task bar or post a comment by clicking on the bubble top right. Tell me when you began this (for some of you it won’t be as early as we started) and how many books you’ve finished or words you’ve written. Did you learn anything about yourself as a writer? Did you enjoy the books you read?

One of the prizes is a lovely Murano glass pendant and earrings in a turquoise blue. I purchased it when I released NIGHT TRAIN TO VENICE because that’s one of the colors of the canal water. Never got around to holding a contest for it. To read more about this final novella in the series, click on Carolina’s Older Blog above.

ImageOne of the gifts I’m giving away to those in the continental U.S. is the erotic, gay paperback collection of the three dark fantasy vampire novellas in the series. The book is simply NIGHT TRAIN. The novels included in the series – in order – are NIGHT TRAIN TO NAPLES, NIGHT TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS, and  NIGHT TRAIN TO VENICE. [If you live outside the U. S., I can email you the three novellas.]

Have fun with this!

Carolina Valdez – Twitter @carolina_valdez


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