ROGUE’S HOSTAGE, a romance by Linda McLaughlin, was a Romantic Times Nominee for Best Small Press Romance, placed second in the Romance Writers of America’s Lories Contest, and continues to garner 4 and 5 star reviews. It is well worth your time to enjoy.

In the wilderness frontier of Pennsylvania in 1758, a French raiding party kills Mara’s farmer husband. Jacques, the French lieutenant, stops his two Delaware Indians from also killing her, taking her as his hostage instead. Desperate to escape and locate her brother–an English soldier who is in the area–Mara is blocked on every attempt. There’s a war on. The British are fighting the French and Indians, and Jacques’ goal is to reach Fort Duquesne, a major French holding in what is now Pittsburgh. Now he’s burdened by the responsibility of the woman. We see Mara’s strength as she survives the difficult journey, and Jacque’s growing interest in her as a woman.

This is a love story, an adventure, with fully drawn, believable characters. Through their eyes we experience life as it was during this important time in Colonial America.

I loved this well researched and beautifully written novel. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to it.

ROGUE’S HOSTAGE is available in digital format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks and other sales outlets.

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