I’ve been sick so am late with this. Hope you’re enjoying the posts for the My Sexy Saturday Blog Hops. My 7 paragraphs are from the final novella in my paperback Night Train series.

Cover for Night Train To Venice

Vampires Alex and Malcolm are Dante’s bodyguards for some diamond courier deliveries. At night, on the Orient Express from Rome to Venice, Malcolm becomes reacquainted with Nick, a human he’d met years earlier in New Orleans at a Halloween Vampire Ball. They’d lost touch until this trip.

Nick’s hand closed on his thick cock and pumped. His voice was rough and husky. “Want what you see?”

For the tiniest of moments, Malcolm hesitated. He was on the job, working. This wasn’t something he should be doing. Then he thought of [what] Alexandros and Dante, together in the suite next door, [were probably doing] and all his inhibition fled. With his gaze fastened on Nick’s blue eyes, he walked to him and knelt. As he closed his hands on the smooth, firm buttocks, Nick guided his wet cock to Malcolm’s waiting mouth.

Malcolm looked at the engorged organ offered. Its coursing blood hammered his eardrums like a timpani being struck. The aroma of copper, mingled with the particular sweetness that was Nick, flared his nostrils and made his blood sing. The desire to clamp down, to suck and suck until his roaring thirst had been satisfied was overwhelming.

Oh, God, I’ll drain him. He choked out, “No!” as he stood and backed away.

Humiliation wracked Nick’s face. His erection began to waver and he bent to retrieve his briefs.

Malcolm understood immediately. Nick had exposed himself, made himself vulnerable, and Malcolm was rejecting him.
More than anything he wanted to reassure him. Most of all, he could not lose him.

“We…I…it’s your blood. It’s strong and draws me to it in a quite savage way, I’m afraid. I don’t want to hurt you. I need to get used to its scent so I don’t lose control.”
Download available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, ARe, Sony, Amber Quill Press. Night Train paperback collection available on Amazon.com.

Carolina Valdez

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