Lure_200In this hop you’ll read 7 words, sentences or paragraphs of a published book or work in progress by participating authors. Mine are from LURE. Look for it soon on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARe and Smashwords.
THE STORY – To lure the killer of two women into the open, and find evidence of illegal gun sales by the owner of a seedy bar called Pinky’s Club, ATFE sends Special Agent Karin Woodhall undercover as an exotic dancer. Unfortunately, Angelo, her new back-up finds her too sensual to resist. Anguished over her safety in the dangerous world of bikers, drugs and weapons, Angelo ignores the powerful woman’s ability to protect herself and demands she withdraw from the job. Karin adamantly refuses, setting up a tension between them that heightens the danger as they work this assignment.

SCENE: Pinky’s Bar. It’s Karin’s time to perform her pole dance.

A slit in the curtain through which the dancers entered allowed Karin to study the audience. The circular entertainment area was lower than the rest of the club, and although anyone in the club could see the performers, there was a single row of chairs along the wall in the well of the dance area. Velvet curtains on the walls added to the feeling of intimacy for those seated there. It also created a kind of faux privacy for customers who didn’t want others to know their secret fantasies. In the center was a dais with the pole which, in Karin’s opinion, was too close to the customers. She had to walk through an opening in the curtains and step up onto the dais. Great time for them to get a look at what her thong exposed despite the skirt.

She had a good view of the bar. Just before it was her turn to dance, a man came in and slid onto a stool, half turning toward the dance area. He was NFL linebacker size, but he looked to be an easy-breezy guy, Karin thought. There was something about the way he moved, as if he knew he possessed a latent power, that caused a fluttering in her chest. As he reached for a beer, his chest muscles could be seen rippling even under the loose T-shirt he wore. The shirt looked like it had seen many washings. A five o’clock shadow, scruffy haircut, and faded, loose jeans completed his look. Dropping one leg off the stool as he turned to watch the dancing revealed a significant unaroused bulge in his groin area.

A man’s man and, most definitely, a woman’s man. Something stirred deep in her center. Now there was someone she could dance for.

Her name was announced, and, making an impulsive decision, Karin smiled and stepped through the curtains. With a vision of the man in mind, she mounted the platform with a tantalizing flash of thigh and butt. Then, legs spread in a stance of power, she stood, hands at her waist. Flicking her whip, she rocked her hips, then lifted the back of her hair and let it sift through her hands as she peered down at the watchers with a come-hither-kneel-before-me look.

“Come to Daddy, baby, come to Daddy,” one of the men in the inner circle called.


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