MY SEXY SATURDAY7 #38 – Frequently, Secretly

MARCH 1 is My SEXY SATURDAY TIME AGAIN! Here are my seven sentences from FREQUENTLY, SECRETLY, a gay erotic short story. Cover for Frequently, Secretly

The Story:

It can’t be true, but it is. Too smart, too flawed, deeply closeted and not quite twenty, Robert Knoblock is a virgin.
It takes persuasion from Quinn, a valued friend, for the theoretical physics major to even consider risking the big leap to have sex with a man.

Robbie is used to thinking in terms of E=MC2 and not in terms of sexual chemistry. Although the thought of a physical encounter excites him, he also wonders how it might occur, and with whom? It could happen in the dark, with a stranger he’d never see again, but that would be too easy. It also would be all wrong for him. No, Robbie decides, it needs to happen with someone he likes, someone who shares the same feelings and, most of all, a guy who will keep their wild, unleashed sex life a secret. No way will he break his family’s heart by revealing he’s gay.

Robby nervously begins his search for the right candidate, but will he ever find the guy who will be the perfect fit?

Setting: Robbie’s college apartment rooms

Someone rapped on the door, and assuming Quinn was after me again, I opened it.

Anson was there, his arms folded, not laughing, not even smiling. “Can I come in?”

The sight of him standing there, his blond hair tousled and his shirt hanging out of his short cargo pants, overwhelmed me. A rush of feelings so complex and needy left me wordless. Isn’t this what I wanted…him in my room? But in my room naked, his cock stiff and pointing at me and a condom sealed in foil in his hand. It was foolish of me, but I couldn’t resist. I stepped back and waved him in.

Available now in HTML, PDF, mobi(PRC), LIT, EPUB

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Carolina Valdez


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