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His voice soft, Sokoloff said, “We don’t need to be so formal. May I address you as Sergei?”

“Of course.”

“Please call me Grigorij.” A flush spread across Sokoloff’s face as he said the words.

Sergei nodded.

Spokoinoi nochi i xoroshix snov,” Sokoloff said in a voice even softer. “Spokoinoi nochi,” Sergei replied as he opened the door to his car and slid in.

As the tail lights of Grigorij’s sedan disappeared into the funneling snowfall, he whispered, “Spokoinoi nochi i xoroshix snov.” Would those sweet dreams Grigorij had added to the Russian goodnight include a wet one like the one he’d experienced?

Sighing, he re-entered Ludmilla’s and ordered vodka shots with boiled eggs, lemon and pickled herring. By the time he’d reached his house, he’d allowed himself to become pleasantly drunk. That way he didn’t have to think about how Grigorij made his blood boil and his package sing.

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10 thoughts on “THE SIBERIAN IS OUT!

  1. Wonderful snippet. Living in Austria I get to hear a lot of Russian spoken at the various venues I go to. Even though it is a harsh language, I still enjoy the cadence and flow of the words. Thanks for being a part of My Sexy Saturday…I really appreciate it!


    1. Thanks for following My Sexy Saturday posts and commenting. I obviously love writing about shifters. In fact, I think it’s easier to write fantasy because if you get some of the facts about things wrong it’s okay…it’s fantasy.


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