For your enjoyment – authors give you 7 sexy/sensual words, sentences, or paragraphs.


Trent, a detective looking for his missing twin brother, falls for Martin, a fitness trainer in the mountain town of Little Grizzly Lake. When he uncovers his lover’s secret, and those of the town, will his cop’s logical mind shut himself off from love and close himself to other realities, other possibilities for his life?

This scene is in the spa and massage area of the trainer’s club…

Trent worried about making his dick behave, but he’d hurt so long and so much in his ribs, shoulder and leg that he closed his eyes, tamped down his desire, and let Martin work his magic. Martin put a CD in a player and smooth jazz sounded in the background. He tucked the sheet in so as to expose the injured leg, but not Trent’s sac and dick. Still, the fact of whose hands were tucking made Trent nervous again.

The room filled with the faint scent of almond oil, and at last, Trent relaxed and enjoyed the pure pleasure of deft hands massaging his feet and gliding their way up his lower legs and then to his thighs.

“You have good hands,” he murmured.

A silent Martin paused, as if taken aback by the comment, then he continued to work out the kinks in Trent’s leg. When his hands reached under the tucked sheet and followed Trent’s quad muscles right up to his hipbones, Trent’s unruly dick threatened to seriously tent the sheet as it rose under it. He reached to push it down, but Martin stopped him.

“That’s not a problem. Happens all the time. Shows you’re still all man, despite the abuse your body has experienced from the attack and threat on your life.”

Trent concentrated on relaxing again as the warm hands slid over his muscles to knead and stroke.

The husky voice triggered visions of Martin reclining on a bed naked, a long, hard cock riding up against his belly, his sac straining to keep up, all waiting for the touch of Trent’s hand. He could imagine the feel of the erection in his palms as he tugged up and down, faster and faster, until….

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4 thoughts on “SEXY SATURDAY BLOG HOP #48

  1. Wow…love those massages…always sexy and inviting. Thanks for an interesting glimpse into Trent and Martin’s encounter.


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