Please welcome my friend and guest, award winning author Dee Ann Palmer.

Multi-published in fiction and non-fiction, Dee Ann finally settled on writing sensual romances and deadly liaisons. Palmer is a member of RWA-PAN, RWA’s Orange County, California chapter, and the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime.

She agreed to answer some questions for you, and here are her responses.


  1. Plotter or Pantser? I’m a pantser. Can’t seem to change this no matter how hard I try. It doesn’t seem to fit my brain to plot it all out. However, I generally write novella length. At novel length, maybe I couldn’t get away with writing by the seat of my pants.
  2. Settings: real, totally made up, or based on a real place? So far, even my fantasies have some basis in reality. I have university degrees in nursing, and perhaps exposure to science influences me to at least a touch of reality.
  3. Boxers or briefs? Thongs or bikinis? No preference. What I select has to match the personality of my characters.
  4. Dogs or cats? Or gerbils or birds? Or fish? When our kids were growing up, we had cats, hamsters, frogs we brought home from the golf course, fish, and a box turtle. The rest of the menagerie are gone, but my husband and I are cat lovers, and an adored older cat lives with us now. Ella, whom we occasionally cat-sat, came to live with us permanently when her “mom,” one of our daughters-in-law, developed a life-threatening allergy to cats after having Ella for ten years.
  5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in the name of research. I accosted a Hell’s Angels motorcyclist outside a pharmacy to ask questions about motorcycles and “clubs.” With a serious face, he told me Hell’s Angels had gotten a bad rap, because most of the upstanding businessmen in a neighboring town were Hell’s Angels.
  6. What makes you laugh? Oh, so many things! The family I grew up in, although serious, found humor in everyday living. My hubbie and I enjoy the same sense of humor. We have neck problems, and I bought bed pillow after bed pillow until we found two that don’t trigger pain. Recently, I washed them, and when I opened the machine I found the new one had split open and emptied all its stuffing out. I carried the limp cover to my husband, and when I explained what had happened, the look on his face would’ve convinced you someone had died. I found myself laughing so hard I couldn’t get the words out to tell him why.
  7. What’s on your desk? Too many things! A small black sorting hat, a golden Quidditch snitch and a fluffy white Hedwick. Books including Nursing 2014 Drug Handbook, Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Oxford Pocket American Thesaurus of Current English, and Police Procedural, The Howdunit Series. Then pages and pages of my passwords, a travel disk drive, calculator and magnifying glass (because I always forget to bring my reading glasses here), a list of ISBN numbers I purchased, little notes of all kinds (the bane of my existence), printouts of deductible writing charges I’ve paid, pens, pencils, folders for stuff, bubble wrap to mail giveaways, mailing tape, a huge desk calendar, etc., etc., etc.
  8. What book(s) are on your night stand or your chair? I’ve just finished four e-books and written reviews, am on CD 20 of 24 of A King’s Ransome by Sharon Kay Penman, reading Sandra Brown’s Ricochet, Darrel James’ Purgatory, Christina Dodd’s One Kiss From You. Just completed  Elizabeth Lowell’s Forbidden (the one book of hers I haven’t enjoyed.
  9. E-books, print or both? I would hate to see brick-and-mortar stores disappear from our landscapes, but I love e-books. I’m donating hardcovers and paperbacks to Goodwill, Discovery Shops and the libraries I visit because I have don’t have room for them. There are so many books I haven’t read that I rarely re-read unless they’re a favorite, but recently I re-enjoyed Julie Garwood’s The Wedding. Absolutely love it and will never give it away.

HowToSeduceaKnight_200For more about Dee Ann, visit her new blog, Sensual Romance and Deadly Liaisons, at

Her new Website is still under construction, view the older one at           

Thank you for taking time to share your answers with us! 

Carolina Valdez



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