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Shapeshifters, humans, vampires, and the secrets of Little Grizzly Lake town.

Trent was resting with his arms and head back against the rim of the Jacuzzi when a door opened and Martin appeared. A towel covered the highly personal and private parts of his body, too. InhabitingNightTrent watched the fluid movement of muscles and sinew as he approached the pool, and he wanted to yank the towel off and see the sexy bulge that taunted his imagination from under the cloth.

Just as Trent convinced himself how much Martin would disapprove, Martin tugged at the towel and it appeared in his hand.

Free of the restrictions of clothing, he stood in the nude, totally relaxed and comfortable with himself.

Trent inhaled quick and fast at the sight of that splendid physique–a body builder’s shoulders and chest, thickly muscled legs, and a dick whose length was in proportion to his height, a marbled sac dangling from beneath its base. He’d trimmed his bush close, a confirming sign to Trent that he was gay. Excitement rammed through him.



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