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Carolina Valdez and Amber Quill Allure present a GLBT story of love, murder and suspense in the mountain town of Black Bear and Weatherton Community Hospital


“You look magnificent,” Bond blurted out. His tongue was so tied from emotion it was a wonder he could speak at all.

“And ya look like ya just stepped off a Paris runway.” Rory’s brogue was deliberately thicker tonight and his broad smile revealed his even white teeth. He leaned in to brush his lips across Bond’s. “And ya also look good enough to eat, Navy.”

His hair was once again combed straight back and tucked neatly behind his ears. Bond couldn’t tell which way he liked it best. Both stirred his cock in his trousers, but his jacket was buttoned and partially hid the beginning rise at the soft touch of those warm lips.

O’Shea was resplendent in a dress Celtic kilt and jacket suit of fine wool in charcoal gray. The kilt kissed his thighs just above his knees. Knitted hose ended just below them, their cuffs were turned over and flashes the green of his eyes flipped from them as he walked. Black leather ankle boots, polished to a gleam, covered his feet.

Bond hadn’t known the Irish wore kilts like the Scots did, and he studied the firmly masculine figure before him. He thought those knees so sexy he could have fucked Rory right then and there. Instead, he sighed and let out a low wolf whistle.

The jacket had satin lapels and ended just below Rory’s hips. It wasn’t meant to be buttoned. His black shirt was open at the throat, and a small silver cross on a fine chain glinted against skin tones the color of moonlight.

The sporran was missing, but a silver pin of a sgian-dubh—black knife— was fastened to the lower right of his kilt, signifying that Rory fought right-handed. Absent was the traditional hilt of a real knife protruding from the top of the cuff of the hose on that side…

Amen To Love will be one of five gay stories in the General Hospital AmberPax collection.

Carolina Valdez


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