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Amen To Love hit the All Romance eBooks Top 50 Best Seller list at #26, so I’m happily sharing 7 sentences more from this 38,000 word gay romantic suspense.

Amen To Love
The stranger turned from his view out the window, arms folded. He was an inch or so taller than Bond, with hair the color of polished obsidian combed straight back from his forehead and down to tuck neatly behind his ears and end just above the collar of his white shirt. Once again, the gaze of his green eyes took in Bond’s measure, traveling from his face to his shoes.

“You,” Bond whispered.

He went hot at a repeat of the unspoken message of lust in that perusal of him, with its absolute confidence that O’Shea would have him. Even Bond’s cheeks felt warm, and his dick reacted in pure male fashion–as if he’d been propositioned. His lab coat was long enough to hide the beginning rise until he could control it. Which he did.

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NOTE: Mon. 1/19 – Fri. 1/23 Erin O’Quinn, popular author of erotic gay fiction, will be my guest here. Enter to win a copy of her gay novella Cowboys and Kilts by leaving a comment here.



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