Even with so few comments I used a research random analyzer to pick our winner. Drum roll here and congratulations to tracygee, our winner of a copy of Cowboys and Kilts.

Carolina Valdez

Today I welcome Erin O’Quinn to my blog. You’ll love her hard hitting, hot, men-loving-men stories as much as I do. Check out her books and profile on Amazon.


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Thanks, Carolina, for inviting me to your great blog. I have two related novels to discuss, and a give-away to offer.

I feel a bit naughty for doing this, since both of us write for Amber Quill Press…but today I’d like to strut my pair of undies. Um, Indies.

Last year, I self-pubbed what turned out to be my runaway bestseller of the 22 novels I’d written up until then. It’s titled Nevada Highlander, and it has captured quite a wide audience of m/m romance genre lovers. Let me start there, and then we’ll move to The Kilt Complex, the second story in the series released January 1st this year.Nevada-Highlander 4x6
The story is simple: A Scottish castle laird, Rory Drummond, decides to join a big game hunt in Nevada, lured by the idea of getting away from his nosy uncle, who hates his gayness and thinks it may interfere with his own political career.

The finagling relative, a member of the Scottish Parliament, arranges to have Nevada State Trooper Alex Dominguez stay on Rory’s tail and keep him from doing anything that may embarrass the family.

The inevitable happens. Rory falls arse-over-bollocks for Alex. And the cop becomes hopelessly attracted to the handsome Scot.

So who’s on whose tail?

And what happens when the trooper’s cover is, ah, blown?

Excerpt: Rory and Alex “check in” to a rough cabin on the mountain where they will be bunkmates…

Before he even swiveled around, Rory was behind him, his hard crotch riding the small of his back and his hands tight around his midsection. A brushing on his ear of soft beard, a husky murmur in his ear, “I need you,” and Alex was already shaking with suppressed desire.

When Rory began to bite the side of his neck under the ear, he managed to laugh and turn in his arms. “We’ll be late—”

A sliding and slipping of tongues … sounds of ravening hunger, bubbles of spit and greed… Both of their mouths were unstoppable, insatiable, their hands running roughshod over the other man’s crotch and ass, undeterred by the stiff denim.

“By God, lad, I’ll have you now. Breakfast can wait.”

“No.” He pulled away forcibly from Rory’s lumberjack arms. “Rory. We have a lot of time to, um, be together. Now we’re guests of another man. Let’s respect that.”

Rory surprised him by standing back immediately.

“Of course. I forgot myself. Will you forgive me?”

The humongous man looked so contrite, so almost childlike, Alex reached one hand to his soft beard and stroked, letting his fingers end on Rory’s expressive wide mouth. “There’s nothing to forgive.”

When his lover immediately caught his fingers up in his passionate mouth and began to suck, Alex lowered his hand and grinned. “Breakfast now, fingers later. Okay?”

“Anything you say, Alex. Lead the way. I’m starved, but not for foogin breakfast.”
NH in snow-pizap.com14196192788871
BUY LINKS: Nevada Highlander: Who’s on Whose Tail?
AMAZON http://amzn.to/1CWACAb
OMNILIT https://www.omnilit.com/product-nevadahighlander-1370624-340.html

~ ~ ~

Alex finds himself out of his element: on Scotland’s wild sea coast, far from his native Nevada Mountains, and festering over his confinement in Rory’s castle bedchamber. On his own part, Rory is bemused, bothered and bewildered by a growing attachment to the young cop who refuses to fit the mold of his past lovers.

Enter a lost dog.

On the track of a dog’s owner, the men become embroiled in an extortion and murder whose clues lead from dangerous sea cliffs to the complex grounds of the Scottish Parliament.

Now Rory and Alex, miles and hours apart, must come to terms with their complex feelings for each other in order to survive the trap of a killer.

EXCERPT from The Kilt Complex: Alex is trying to explain to his wealthy lover why he got a job.

“Someone comes along, someone different from any man you’ve ever known. He sneaks up like an outlaw and takes something very precious to you. He steals your heart. And then he leaves.”

He rose to his feet. “Don’t move. I’m not finished.” He kicked out of the boots, unbuckled his jeans and slid them down to his calves and completely off, then squatted damn near on top of Rory’s moving cock. He rubbed the tip around the entrance to his asshole, then moved up until it was in his lover’s face. “Suck my asshole. Make it wet.”

He had never felt so unrestrained, so in charge of their love making. He knew it had something to do with his newfound job, but right now he was so close to coming he didn’t want to analyze it. Rory’s lapping tongue found his anus and penetrated it, his hands moving to lift his butt up and down as he spat and probed.

“Yes … suck it … He steals your heart, and the next thing you know, he has stolen even your will to leave the fucking bed. He … goddamn, Rory, deeper … he makes every hour feel like a honeymoon, like there’s no such thing as three squares and a paycheck.”

He lowered his open asshole, now dripping in spit, and grasped Rory’s cock, guiding it in. “And the feeling gets deeper and deeper … closer to the root … “ He was letting the cock enter, then slide almost free, in rhythm with his words.

“… until he can hardly break away and be his own person. He’s so fucking deep in love … unh … and lust … oh God, fuck me … he forgets his will to be free. To be his own man.”

As he let the cock slide in and out, he leaned forward and drove his tongue into Rory’s open mouth. Its mute expression of coming rapture fired him to climax, his prick smearing Rory’s groin and chest with jizz even as he felt his lover’s own cum erupt in his ass.

He lay for long minutes on the man’s heaving chest, and then he raised his head to look at his face, still flushed with pleasure. “Did you listen hard, Rory? That’s why I got a job. And why you’re fucking going to love it. Now let’s get that ad into the papers and then take a bath.”
TKC w parliament-pizap.com14190875594191BUY LINKSAMAZON http://amzn.to/1toZgAS
OMNILIT bit.ly/1tvfx7E
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CowboysKilts 4x6
In COWBOYS AND KILTS, the characters are completely different: The visiting man, an American, is self-assured; and the Scot is shy and closeted. Nevertheless, both of them find a way to teach each other something about the odd tattoos each of them wears … about their mysterious Scottish roots … and about their own deep needs.

EXCERPT Hugh, a long-distance runner from Nevada, has gone to Scotland as a tourist …

Crossing the street, he couldn’t help noticing a man, a very large man, exiting the pub. He was hard not to spot, being even taller than Hugh and massive as a damn grizzly. Hugh thought he was certainly a local, dressed as he was in casual boots and high socks, and a walking kilt that flapped in the cold wind.

It was not his size or even his good looks that seized his eyes as the man walked away, but the expanse of thigh and buttock revealed by the teasing wind. An expanse that was lean, muscled, showing a glimpse of dark testicles below the crack. If he hadn’t been an athlete himself, and sure of his feet, he knew he’d have tripped and ended up on his own butt in the middle of the street.

~Gawking at a pretty ass…~

Scotland was beginning to show some real promise. For the first time in months, Hugh felt his cock stir a little under his jeans and a small smile tug the corner of his mouth.

Buy link AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/Cowboys-Kilts-Erin-OQuinn-ebook/dp/B00HKM56TQ
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Thanks for inviting me, Carolina!

It’s a pleasure to have you here, Erin. Your books sound terrific–I’ve just purchased Nevada Highlander.



  1. First of all, Carolina, thank you for inviting me. This is a clean, refreshing, attractive site. Love it! Thanks, too, for the professional way you wove together my muddled bits into a readable and enjoyable whole. As for buying Nevada Highlander … thank you again!! And I in turn will buy your immnensely sexy Amen to Love!


  2. All I can say is cowboy + kilt + horse = WOW one very hot image of a cowboy riding a bronco in a kilt 🙂 Remember you want to use this scenario in one of your next books… Thank you for a chance to win a copy of Cowboys & Kilts 🙂


      1. Dear Julie, I think Carolina has a winning touch, both with this blog and with her writing. I’ll let the cover artist Rebecca Poole know you liked her covers! The one of Cowboys & Kilts was my own suggestion … simple, yet it tells a story.


    1. Dear Jessie, the novella is not about the same men. But it IS pretty special to me, one of my favorite stories. I’m currently writing the sequel-to-the sequel … called HUNTER’S POINT … so look for it later this year. Good luck in the drawing. 😀


  3. Before my time is up, I’d like to extend a huge thank you:

    To Carolina, blog diva supreme, for putting together such an entertaining blog.

    To the readers, for being gracious enough to leave such nice comments. Best of luck to all of you in the giveaway!

    It’s rare that I leave a blog visit feeling so appreciated. 😀


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