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Love is blind to gender, and Valentine’s Day is as important to lovers like Bond and Rory as it would be to Christiana and her man in My Sexy Saturday author Dee Ann Palmer’s enovel Christiana’s Choice.

7 hot sentences from the men in Amen To Love…

Bond must have sensed how close Rory was to coming because he eased him off and knelt over him, mouth poised over a full cock pointing skyward. A puff of hot breath washed over the tip, and Rory gasped with the pleasure of it. When a wet tongue swirled around it, slid into the slit on top, then lapped at the underside of the head, he thought he would explode. When Bond’s lips closed over him to pull back over that sensitive part, the pleasure was so strong it almost pained Rory. But he wanted more, no matter the pain.

“Stop teasing and let me go off,” he begged.

When he reached to push Bond’s head farther down on him, Bond caught his wrists and held them so he could have his way with him. Soon Rory was lost in sensations and feelings he had not experienced with any man before him…

Interested in a chance to win a copy of AMEN TO LOVE?You have one on March 26th if you celebrate The Romance Reviews’ fourth anniversary celebration below.

Each of the 250 authors participating in this gala affair has a day to post a hangman or a multiple choice answer question to win a prize. MY DAY IS THURSDAY MARCH 26th. Answers to my multiple choice question are found on the story’s blurb on

anniv2015If your romance preference is sensual male-female–instead of gay erotic–FRIDAY MARCH 6th, My Sexy Saturday author Dee Ann Palmer will donate a copy of Christiana’s Choice. You’ll find the answer you need for her question on 

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be celebrating in Brea, California with my friends in the Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America. Two other authors and I share the two-hour round-trip ride, and we’ll be talking romance writing all that time. Glorious fun.





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