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For those of you who love paperbacks, Amber Allure releases Full Moon Rising this week. It includes ARe best sellers, Awaking The Alpha and The Siberian, two of my  sexy gay shapeshifter novellas.

AReBestsellerIcon100X100From Awaking The Alpha

Blaze walks the worlds of werewolf and human, Logan straddles the Native and white worlds. Can they bridge their differences and find happiness together?

Excerpt (On the shooting range)

The drive to touch more than Logan’s hands, to be close enough to feel his body heat was so strong Blaze couldn’t resist. He did something he never did with students…he stepped behind him. Blaze moved in closer, absorbing some of Logan’s warmth. He reached under Logan’s arm and straightened it. “Close your left eye and aim at something. Now, close your right eye and open the left. Did your line of sight jump?”


“That’s what I thought. You’re right handed, but your left eye is dominant. This is what I want you to do. Watch me.” He stood where Logan could see him and went through the motions of drawing a weapon from a back belt, gripping it with both hands, sighting with his left eye and firing.

“Holster your gun.” Retracing his steps until he was behind his student again, he drew Logan’s right arm down to his side. “So. Remember what I did? On one, I pulled my gun from a back holster and swung it around in front.”

Grasping his student’s wrist, he drew it behind to let Logan free his weapon. In doing this, Blaze’s head swam a moment as the barrel of the unloaded gun brushed against his dick, creating a stimulating wash of pleasure.

“On two, I brought my left hand in to form the grip.” Now he had both arms around Logan as he guided his arms and hands together. He was careful not to let his sensitive dick touch what studying the man had told him was a too-sexy butt. “On three, I brought the gun up to sight with my left eye and fired.”

The urge to pull Logan back against him, cradling his ass in against his groin to feel the swarm of pleasure bringing his dick to a raging cock was strong. It took all his resolve to release him and step away. He shook his head to clear his mind of such thoughts, then walked around and was beside Logan once again.

Amen To Love, my newest erotic gay release, is my giveaway on March 26 in The Romance Reviews Party below. Register there first, then scroll down to my name and answer the one question to enter. Hint: Answers can be found in the novella’s blurb


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