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Tie ‘Em Up, Hold ‘Em Down is a favorite of mine. It was my first venture into gay erotic fiction, and it earned an honorable mention in The Lories Best Published Novella the year it was launched. med_TieEmUpBlurb:   In the all male, macho world of firefighting, it’s dangerous to be gay. Dane’s determined they’ll be lovers, but Bear’s too terrified they’ll be outed to succumb to love.

Seven Paragraphs:   In celebration of Bear having reached the rank of fire captain, they drank champagne from crystal flutes while sitting nude in the spa off his friend Celeste’s living room. White candles flickered in the room, while below them the lights of Vegas twinkled like a salacious Disneyland. The pungent scent of white magnolias floating in low glass vases tickled his nose. Beethoven played softly in the background.

The warm jets pummeled the knots in his muscles. His soft dick floated an inch above his groin, and the bubbling waters teased Celeste’s generous breasts, her dark nipples riding with their motion. While he recognized that most men and some lesbians would love to fondle and tease them, Bear had no desire to touch them. To him they were just breasts. Nice breasts, and he was happy for Celeste that she had them, but they held no appeal for him. The thought of sucking them brought a mild queasiness.

As they toweled off, she said, “The voudrais is open tonight. Would you like to go down? My other friends are already there. I waited for you.”

Je voudrais…I want. The rooms where sexual encounters occurred in deep shadow with participants masked for secrecy. Adulterous, gay, lesbian, ménage, trans, bondage…whatever your fancy, from the darkest wish of the darkest heart to just plain consensual sex, but always with a safe word that meant “Stop.” It had been a long time. It fit his mood. He nodded and slipped into the thick, terry cloth robe she always provided —

Available singly

Also available on Amazon in the paperback Smoldering Embers,  which includes its sequel — Hanging With My Window Man — and Hole in One.

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