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My seven paragraphs are from Forbidden Desire

Brian opened his eyes and gazed into the startling eyes of a man standing at his bedside. At first, he thought the eyes were gray, and then a shift of the light and they appeared as dark blue, almost green. Rousing from the sedation he’d undergone, a sensual connection spread like warmth through him and settled in his belly. It was an “across a crowded room” kind of connection. Something you couldn’t explain, but nice. Very nice. He smiled. He really liked those eyes.

med_ForbiddenDesireHe’d never seen the man dressed in teal scrubs with a stethoscope peeking out of the pocket of his white jacket before. Maybe he was a nurse or a nursing attendant, but they usually carried their stethoscopes around their necks. As he grew more awake, the sensual feeling he’d experienced was unsettling. Damn it, he was in a hospital and ached so much all over it was ridiculous to be thinking of sex. Still, the warmth and a telltale thread of desire lingered.

The man’s manner was relaxed and confident, his smile one of sympathetic amusement as he extended his hand. “Doctor Stan Gordon. I’m a urologist. Doctor Hanes was called to an adjoining operating room on an emergency after we sedated you, so I handled your case.”

“Any guy whose foreskin slips back and threatens to cut off circulation to the head of his dick is an emergency!” Brian’s words burst out in hot irritation. He felt the blood rush to his face in a mixture of temper and embarrassment. Temper that Dr. Hanes had abandoned him. Embarrassment because his substitute was tall, fit and handsome, and he’d been playing around with Brian’s equipment without his permission–as nice as that might have been under different circumstances.

“Dr. Hanes had to repair a bladder ruptured in an auto accident. I was called in because you were an emergency.”

Brian cringed. “That makes me feel about an inch high. Sorry I was so curt.”

“Not a problem. You’ve had a rough go of it.”

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