ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL – Excerpt for #My Sexy Saturday

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Dillon, an undercover agent, captured off planet, dreams of escaping and returning to his firewarrior lover, David. When he returns, he finds a new man in his lover’s bed. How can he, will he, mend his shattered life?

EXCERPT – Dillon communicates from off-world via  a TV monitor

As Dillon talked, his gold and amber eyes seemed to bore into David’s as he unbuckled the belt on his trousers, and slid the zipper down with deliberate slowness.

David almost choked on the food in his mouth as he heard its casual whisper and watched it reveal black boxer briefs which should be as sleek as Dillon’s sports car but right now housed a large bulge straining their front. Dillon discarded the dark slacks and briefs, then turned and leaned over to fold his slacks and lay them on the bed. The smooth roundness of a butt that was at once firm and yet not so hard it didn’t have a sexy give when squeezed, hid the manhole at the base of the crevice between its globes. His balls swung loose and low between thighs David knew weren’t as large as his own, but were still hard and powerful. Waves of sensation rushed through him as images of the unbridled sex they’d planned for that last night flashed like a kaleidoscope in his head.

The camera’s lens zoomed in close as Dillon turned. “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”

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Happy reading!  Carolina




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