Coming Soon – Awakening the Alpha from Loose Id



I've just returned the final edits and am excited to see what the new
cover will be. I love some of those on their website, and I was asked
for suggested designers who might turn out something out appropriate
for my story.

Unlike some writers, I'm artistic but not an artist. Even providing 
tips for a designer is tough for me. Readers may not realize that big
presses do not let authors have control over their cover designs. To an
extent, small presses do. 

After writing for only one publisher for twelve years, I've discovered
juggling more than one publisher's editorial guidelines lines can be
a bit confusing. If I write "baskets, napkins and utensils," do I put a
comma after napkins or not? It's the publisher's choice.

Most publishers I've had contact with lean on The Chicago
Manual of Style (CMOS)and a Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Where do commas go? Which compound words do you hyphenate? Check out the dictionary and/or the CMOS.

I’ve always been fairly good with grammar and punctuation, but figuring out the written rules blows my mind. My friend Linda Carroll-Bradd, an author who edits freelance and for The Wild Rose Press, tells me she has always loved that that stuff. Wish it were true for me.

My point is that an editor’s job, for poor souls like me, is to make a story the best it can be. Thank heaven, for good editors!

Have a great weekend!

Carolina Valdez
Cisgender; pronouns she and herl Cisgender; pronouns she and her (This is being adjusted to reflect the removal of some of my Amber Quill Press stories)

Your gender is what you know it to be.
It is not what is written on your birth certificate.
It is not how you dress. It is what you know it is.

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