By the turn of the century, the wolves in the park were extinct, having died by natural causes or been killed by men. Since elk were the prey of wolves, their number skyrocketed.  They were eating all the fresh shoots of young trees, bushes, and grasses, devastating the health of the ecology. For a time, the elk herds were culled by shooting. This brought a strong protest from animal rights activists. Finally, some smart person realized the answer was to reintroduce wolves. Elk were their prey, and it would be a natural thing for these predators, rather than people, to thin the herds. So far, it is working.

Contrary to my story, wolves don’t normally attack people. They’re shy animals rarely seen by visitors.

Until releases this week from Science Advances, it was believed there were two species of of wolves in the United States: gray wolves (Canis lupus) and red wolves (Canis rufus). Gray wolves were brought in from Canada to repopulate Yellowstone Park. DNA studies have now determined that the only true species of wolf in the US is the gray wolf. The red and Eastern wolves are gray wolf-coyote hybrids.

Hybrids are rarely protected as a species, but since the red wolf is in immediate danger of extinction, some steps are being made to reinstate its protection.  Coyotes are too numerous to probably ever worry about them becoming extinct.

Gray wolves come in many colors. In Awakening the Alpha, my villain is a black shifter, but Blaze Canis, my hero, has a gray coat mingled with white and a bit of brown and fur tips of  black. As a species, both are gray wolves. When I visited Yellowstone National Park some years ago, they had offered refuge to a gray wolf pack raised for a Hollywood movie that never happened. The ranger told us the alpha was female, and he also pointed out the weakest wolf…the one at the bottom of the pecking order. Frankly, these were not the gorgeous animals you see in the wild.

Since Awakening the Alpha’s ex-Navy SEAL is a secret gay werewolf, I named him Blaze Canis, thinking Canis meant wolf. Recently, I read it means dog in Latin. So I guess the laugh is on me. It happens.

I’m now working on a sequel to this story. Although this may change, its working title is Awakening the Alpha: Flute, Rattles, and Drums. Right now Blaze and Logan are at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian where Logan is being honored for his art.

Please note: In some instances, the word “Indian” is an acceptable substitute for Native American. It is freely used in other countries, and the museum covers exhibits from Indians in the Americas (plural), not just the US. In my story, you’ll see I’ve correctly identified the cards a Native American may carry as a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood. The same is true for the Smithsonian’s museum.

Have a great rest of the week!

Carolina Valdez (site being refurbished)

From notes I took some time ago, but which I think are still accurate:

Do you know what the numbers in an ISBN mean? Let’s take this number: 1-9891237-018-4
1 = Identifies the country or geographic group of publishers
989201437 = Identifies a particular publisher within a group. Each time a publisher purchases ISBNs, this number will change to reflect the group of publisher’s numbers they purchased. No other publisher will have that number.
018 = A particular title or edition of a title
4= A check digit that validates the ISBN

Note: X can be used in place of 10 as a check digit—I.E.ISBN-X:








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For those of you who love paperbacks, Amber Allure releases Full Moon Rising this week. It includes ARe best sellers, Awaking The Alpha and The Siberian, two of my  sexy gay shapeshifter novellas.

AReBestsellerIcon100X100From Awaking The Alpha

Blaze walks the worlds of werewolf and human, Logan straddles the Native and white worlds. Can they bridge their differences and find happiness together?

Excerpt (On the shooting range)

The drive to touch more than Logan’s hands, to be close enough to feel his body heat was so strong Blaze couldn’t resist. He did something he never did with students…he stepped behind him. Blaze moved in closer, absorbing some of Logan’s warmth. He reached under Logan’s arm and straightened it. “Close your left eye and aim at something. Now, close your right eye and open the left. Did your line of sight jump?”


“That’s what I thought. You’re right handed, but your left eye is dominant. This is what I want you to do. Watch me.” He stood where Logan could see him and went through the motions of drawing a weapon from a back belt, gripping it with both hands, sighting with his left eye and firing.

“Holster your gun.” Retracing his steps until he was behind his student again, he drew Logan’s right arm down to his side. “So. Remember what I did? On one, I pulled my gun from a back holster and swung it around in front.”

Grasping his student’s wrist, he drew it behind to let Logan free his weapon. In doing this, Blaze’s head swam a moment as the barrel of the unloaded gun brushed against his dick, creating a stimulating wash of pleasure.

“On two, I brought my left hand in to form the grip.” Now he had both arms around Logan as he guided his arms and hands together. He was careful not to let his sensitive dick touch what studying the man had told him was a too-sexy butt. “On three, I brought the gun up to sight with my left eye and fired.”

The urge to pull Logan back against him, cradling his ass in against his groin to feel the swarm of pleasure bringing his dick to a raging cock was strong. It took all his resolve to release him and step away. He shook his head to clear his mind of such thoughts, then walked around and was beside Logan once again.

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MY SEXY SATURDAY #80 – Full Moon Rising

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FullMoonRisingFor those of you who love paperbacks, Amber Allure releases Full Moon Rising this week. It includes ARe best sellers, Awaking The Alpha and The Siberian, sexy gay shapeshifter novellas. 

From The Siberian ~~~

Grigorij took two steps toward him, stopped and listened. A smile crossed his face. “Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Opus 30.”

Surprised, Sergei nodded. It would never have occurred to him that Grigorij might be interested in classical music.

Grigorij took a few more steps toward him. “Rachmaninoff.”


“He begins with only five notes and then comes all this brilliance.”

Sergei nodded, not taking his eyes off the mouth he’d kissed only hours ago.

“That’s pianist Martha Argerich playing,” Grigorij said, stalking his new love.

Sergei nodded again and felt like a bobblehead doll. His tongue tingled as he remembered the heat, the taste of those lips and that mouth. The skin in his groin was instantly too tight ~~~

My Sexy Saturday #81 will bring sexy words from Awaking The Alpha AReBestsellerIcon100X100