Two very sexy men meet, feel a strange, mystical connection, and come together in a hot, passionate and deeply intimate relationship.

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I raced off to a brunch meeting before I could post this, and I don’t think there’s a blog hop after all. Still, I’m offering a prize to one lucky commenter here for a 4 1/2 inch stylus for your phone or tablet.

Here are seven paragraphs from Awaking The Alpha, my new werewolf novella. On the shooting range outside Yellowstone National Park, Blaze instructs Logan in the correct draw.
Cover for Awaking The Alpha
“That’s what I thought. You’re right handed, but your left eye is dominant. This is what I want you to do. Watch me.”
He stood where Logan could see him and went through the motions of drawing a weapon from a back belt, gripping it with both hands, sighting with his left eye and firing.

“Holster your gun.” Retracing his steps until he was behind his student again, he drew Logan’s right arm down to his side.

“So. Remember what I did? On one, I pulled my gun from a back holster and swung it around in front.”

Grasping his student’s wrist, he drew it behind to let Logan free his weapon. In doing this, Blaze’s head swam a moment as the barrel of the gun brushed against his dick, creating a stimulating wash of pleasure.

“On two, I brought my left hand in to form the grip.” Now he had both arms around Logan as he guided his arms and hands together. He was careful not to let his sensitive dick touch what studying had told him was a too-sexy butt.
“On three, I brought the gun up to sight with my left eye and fired.”

The urge to pull Logan back against him, cradling his ass in against his groin to feel the swarm of pleasure bringing his dick to a raging cock was strong. It took all his resolve to release him and step away. He shook his head to clear his mind of such thoughts, then walked around and was beside Logan once again.

Awaking The Alpha by Carolina Valdez – an All Romance eBooks Best Seller
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First, let me say that my Naughty and Nice and ZAM’s Teaser Tuesday winners have already received their prizes.
Cover for Awaking The Alpha
I love what I do. In fact, I retired to devote more time to it. Still, like a terrified artist facing a blank canvas, I begin new stories afraid readers might not enjoy the new one. Will my characters capture hearts, will the setting fit them, and will readers keep turning the page as their romance unfolds? Those are always the challenges.

This assignment was for a werewolf fantasy but, although I wasn’t ready to let go of the Navy SEALs after Make Mine A Bad Boy, you can’t write a fantasy sequel to a contemporary story.

In the US, if you enter the Armed Forces at eighteen, you can retire at thirty-eight. Then what do you do? I mentioned possibilities in the above story, and now Blaze Canis came to me for Awaking The Alpha after he’d retired, using his SEAL-developed skills in a new job.

An author can place werewolves anywhere, but in my head Blaze needed to be near a forest. I chose an incredible national park and town I’ve vacationed in. I’ve ridden half a sixty-five-mile round trip bike tour they hold. My group rode from West Yellowstone to the Old Faithful geyser, toured on our bikes with a biking ranger, then, happily exhausted, we were bused back to town. You’ll recognize in my story much of what I learned and saw on this trip.

I’m part Cherokee, and Native lore interests me. As I researched the history of the park, it was a natural thing that an American Native would become Blaze’s lover. Logan isn’t Cherokee, he’s from a tribe with deep roots in The Yellowstone.

As a romance writer, I know a connection between your lovers has to come fast in a shorter work. In the case of Logan and Blaze, I hope I’ve squelched criticisms I’ve seen of stories by other authors that “you can’t fall in love that fast.”

READ AN EXCERPT TODAY at http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/AwakingAlpha.html

Happy reading!
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As a shooting range instructor just outside Yellowstone National Park, former Navy SEAL sniper Blaze is still handling the firearms he loves. When Shoshoni native Logan Rider walks into his class one morning, the attraction each feels for the other is sudden, almost mystical. In the twenty years he was in the Navy, Blaze’s teammates had never known he was gay or a werewolf, and he’s confident in hiding his wolf nature from Logan, too.

Will keeping this secret work? Or will it blow up in his face as his relationship with Logan deepens?
* * *
Coming soon from Amber Allure – The Siberian by Carolina Valdez
A shapeshifter fantasy set in Siberia, in the forest where tigers are endangered.