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1316 CE:  Athens, Byzantine Empire

In the mellow evening air, someone called, “Zeibekiko, Alexandros!” It was a warrior’s dance performed by one or, rarely, two men.

He shook his head. Only when the slow rhythmic clapping of his friends’ hands and the strings of the lute joined in did Alex reluctantly rise. The dance, supposedly, was a tribute to the ancient god Zeus.

As he spread his arms and began the controlled, sensual footwork and measured turns of the improvisational solo, he lost himself in the beauty of movement. The others watched, and the clapping ceased as he executed the steps. He smiled inwardly because he knew he had them in the palm of his hands. As he continued, Alex forgot about “having them.” Now, he poured his passion and loneliness into the kneeling, turns and steps, always keeping his arms out, his hands often making brief expressive motions.

He could have danced all night, but the lute’s music gradually slowed as the fingers of the player obviously tired. Alex dropped into a final pose—on his knees, body and head bent back almost touching the ground, arms still wide, palms open to the sky.

The music faded and was gone. There was silence, and then the partygoers clapped and cheered.



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Two very sexy men meet, feel a strange, mystical connection, and come together in a hot, passionate and deeply intimate relationship.

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ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL – Excerpt for #My Sexy Saturday

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Dillon, an undercover agent, captured off planet, dreams of escaping and returning to his firewarrior lover, David. When he returns, he finds a new man in his lover’s bed. How can he, will he, mend his shattered life?

EXCERPT – Dillon communicates from off-world via  a TV monitor

As Dillon talked, his gold and amber eyes seemed to bore into David’s as he unbuckled the belt on his trousers, and slid the zipper down with deliberate slowness.

David almost choked on the food in his mouth as he heard its casual whisper and watched it reveal black boxer briefs which should be as sleek as Dillon’s sports car but right now housed a large bulge straining their front. Dillon discarded the dark slacks and briefs, then turned and leaned over to fold his slacks and lay them on the bed. The smooth roundness of a butt that was at once firm and yet not so hard it didn’t have a sexy give when squeezed, hid the manhole at the base of the crevice between its globes. His balls swung loose and low between thighs David knew weren’t as large as his own, but were still hard and powerful. Waves of sensation rushed through him as images of the unbridled sex they’d planned for that last night flashed like a kaleidoscope in his head.

The camera’s lens zoomed in close as Dillon turned. “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”


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I’m hoping that Savage Lust, my free prequel to the Night Train series will be ready to be my giveaway by then. We’ll have to see. I was half way through it when I got a plea to quickly write a novella for the upcoming Beachcomber’s AmberPax. The Paxes are gay erotic fiction, and include 5 stories on a theme from five different authors. For this story — Surf’s Up! — I put my characters on the waves at Encinitas, CA, because I grew up on southern California beaches.


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SAVAGE LUST, my unedited WIP, sets up my vampire NIGHT TRAIN series — available in print and digital. The prequel will be released free by Amber Quill Press. I don’t have the cover yet, so I’ve posted the paperback cover of the series below.
Athens, Byzantium Empire
1315 AD

Orange and red flames from the bonfire shot into the night sky, highlighting the faces and bodies of the young men and women who danced, talked and laughed in its warmth. The scent of lamb roasting on a spit filled the air.

Radko watched from the limbs of a cypress tree in a grove, safely away from the death-dealing flames. Not so for the young men and women who partied in the heat it gave off in the chilly air. He studied them, wondering if one would capture his interest. Their laughter caught his attention first, and then, when he saw the latest young man join them, he felt his groin tighten in piercing pleasure.

Gods knew, but that felt good. He took it as a sign — as sure as an arrow in flight — that this would be the one for him.

“Alexandros!” A lovely woman lifted a hand and called out to the newcomer.

“Over here, Alex!” Three of the men waved for him to join them.

Alexandros, whose dark hair spread in thick waves across his shoulders and down his back, called out a greeting in return, holding up a jug of wine and some loaves of olive bread, still fragrant and warm. He entered the clearing from another part of the grove and strode toward those who were obviously his friends, walking with unconscious grace, seemingly sure of himself and his welcome in the group.

He was dressed casually in the loose pants worn by the men and boys in this country. His shoulder, arm and torso muscles rippled beneath a snug shirt in a creamy color. As casual as what he wore might be, the cloth was of a fine weave and cut available only to the rich. Ah, money. That makes him even more appealing to me.

The urge to strip this Alexandros and run his hands over what he knew would be a hard, hot and beautiful body surged through the creature in the tree. He wanted to taste him, to suck and rub, to cradle his sac as the liquid heat of climax warmed Radko’s cold body and brought him to his own thundering release.

med_NightTrainThe three novellas in the series are included in the paperback, but may be purchased individually as Night Train To Naples, Night Train To New Orleans and Night Train To Venice.


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MY SEXY SATURDAY #80 – Full Moon Rising

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FullMoonRisingFor those of you who love paperbacks, Amber Allure releases Full Moon Rising this week. It includes ARe best sellers, Awaking The Alpha and The Siberian, sexy gay shapeshifter novellas. 

From The Siberian ~~~

Grigorij took two steps toward him, stopped and listened. A smile crossed his face. “Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Opus 30.”

Surprised, Sergei nodded. It would never have occurred to him that Grigorij might be interested in classical music.

Grigorij took a few more steps toward him. “Rachmaninoff.”


“He begins with only five notes and then comes all this brilliance.”

Sergei nodded, not taking his eyes off the mouth he’d kissed only hours ago.

“That’s pianist Martha Argerich playing,” Grigorij said, stalking his new love.

Sergei nodded again and felt like a bobblehead doll. His tongue tingled as he remembered the heat, the taste of those lips and that mouth. The skin in his groin was instantly too tight ~~~


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