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Cover Design by Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design

[The previously free single, Savage Lust, has been included in this revised and lengthened version.]





1316 CE:  Athens, Byzantine Empire

In the mellow evening air, someone called, “Zeibekiko, Alexandros!” It was a warrior’s dance performed by one or, rarely, two men.

He shook his head. Only when the slow rhythmic clapping of his friends’ hands and the strings of the lute joined in did Alex reluctantly rise. The dance, supposedly, was a tribute to the ancient god Zeus.

As he spread his arms and began the controlled, sensual footwork and measured turns of the improvisational solo, he lost himself in the beauty of movement. The others watched, and the clapping ceased as he executed the steps. He smiled inwardly because he knew he had them in the palm of his hands. As he continued, Alex forgot about “having them.” Now, he poured his passion and loneliness into the kneeling, turns and steps, always keeping his arms out, his hands often making brief expressive motions.

He could have danced all night, but the lute’s music gradually slowed as the fingers of the player obviously tired. Alex dropped into a final pose—on his knees, body and head bent back almost touching the ground, arms still wide, palms open to the sky.

The music faded and was gone. There was silence, and then the partygoers clapped and cheered.



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MLR, the man-love-romance press, has picked up this series. And I’m on a roll! If you recall,  Savage Lust, a 5k short story prequel to the series, was free. Since it chronicled what Alexandros was like as a young man and how he was turned into a vampire, it’s been added to the opening story—Night Train To Naples. It also contains his character arc.

I think I speak for all the former Amber Quill Press authors when I express the loss we feel that we’ve not only seen our books disappear, but all the online friendships we formed over the years are going as well. Christiane France set up an AQP Alum Yahoo group to share tips and support each other. Some have decided to self-publish all their AQP stories and a few have stopped writing altogether because it seems so daunting. Others, like me, refuse to give up. As I approach new publishers I’ve found it helps to mention that my stories have placed or been finalists in romance contests. Mentioning that some have been top sellers on All Romance eBooks is a boon, too.

As I re-read my stories, it comes to me how good they are.

“So why aren’t more people reading them?” I asked my husband.

“Could be you’re just a little prejudiced?” Clever man.

We had a good laugh over that.

This has been a tough year. The El Nino expected to relieve California’s drought didn’t materialize, Amber Quill Press closed, Spieth choked on the last nine to fall short of the green jacket at the Masters, and Kobe Bryant retired from the Lakers. . .”My body has given all it can to the game.”

Well, my body’s not the same as it once was, but I am not giving up.

Have a wonderful week!

A word to the wise: DO NOT purchase the Night Train paperback so outrageously over-priced at $93 and $119 on Amazon. Authors received nothing from sellers like these, and, frankly, although I consider my books beautifully crafted, they are not worth that kind of money now and never will be.



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SAVAGE LUST, my unedited WIP, sets up my vampire NIGHT TRAIN series — available in print and digital. The prequel will be released free by Amber Quill Press. I don’t have the cover yet, so I’ve posted the paperback cover of the series below.
Athens, Byzantium Empire
1315 AD

Orange and red flames from the bonfire shot into the night sky, highlighting the faces and bodies of the young men and women who danced, talked and laughed in its warmth. The scent of lamb roasting on a spit filled the air.

Radko watched from the limbs of a cypress tree in a grove, safely away from the death-dealing flames. Not so for the young men and women who partied in the heat it gave off in the chilly air. He studied them, wondering if one would capture his interest. Their laughter caught his attention first, and then, when he saw the latest young man join them, he felt his groin tighten in piercing pleasure.

Gods knew, but that felt good. He took it as a sign — as sure as an arrow in flight — that this would be the one for him.

“Alexandros!” A lovely woman lifted a hand and called out to the newcomer.

“Over here, Alex!” Three of the men waved for him to join them.

Alexandros, whose dark hair spread in thick waves across his shoulders and down his back, called out a greeting in return, holding up a jug of wine and some loaves of olive bread, still fragrant and warm. He entered the clearing from another part of the grove and strode toward those who were obviously his friends, walking with unconscious grace, seemingly sure of himself and his welcome in the group.

He was dressed casually in the loose pants worn by the men and boys in this country. His shoulder, arm and torso muscles rippled beneath a snug shirt in a creamy color. As casual as what he wore might be, the cloth was of a fine weave and cut available only to the rich. Ah, money. That makes him even more appealing to me.

The urge to strip this Alexandros and run his hands over what he knew would be a hard, hot and beautiful body surged through the creature in the tree. He wanted to taste him, to suck and rub, to cradle his sac as the liquid heat of climax warmed Radko’s cold body and brought him to his own thundering release.

med_NightTrainThe three novellas in the series are included in the paperback, but may be purchased individually as Night Train To Naples, Night Train To New Orleans and Night Train To Venice.


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No one is born a vampire, yet this was the destiny of Alexandros Nicolaides. How? And why did he become a creature of darkness, forbidden the daylight, forced to in contemporary times to travel on night trains?

Savage Lust: Prelude to Night Train is the story of his creation.

Athens, Byzantium circa 1300

When they spotted him, the girls waved and called, “Here, Alexandros!”

“Come dance with us!” the boys invited as they formed a circle to dance as the ancients had done.

The young man with a body like a god’s smiled and hurried across white sand toward a bonfire sending sparks into the sky. He waved an earthen jug of wine, and they cheered.

Mereau waited in the pine grove, the sounds of the surf at his back. He drank in the sight of the long dark hair framing a beautiful face, of broad shoulders that built boats by daylight, at the athletic grace of the figure with its narrow hips and deeply muscled legs powering their way to his friends. Thirst rose in his throat, and his groin surged with need.

Soon, he told himself. Soon I will have him—

Watch for this short story, free this summer!


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My paragraphs are from the second book in my Night Train vampire series.


Dusk crept in, and the lamps on the Ponte Vecchio glowed in the soft, settling night. The wet smell of the river, now the deep color of malachite under the fading light, filtered up through the three open arches of the bridge, first built in Roman times.NightTrainNewOrleans_sitepic

One by one, the goldsmiths and jewelers had closed their shops at both ends of the bridge for the night. The bridge was quiet, almost deserted, when three young men arrived. They crouched and laid their battered guitar cases on the stone floor, then opened them and removed the acoustic instruments. Their banter and laughter mingled with the sounds of strings being tuned.

“What happened to the fourth young man who usually plays with them?”

The voice startled Giorgio, a slightly overweight, older street vendor. Thinking he was alone, he’d been boxing up his cheap souvenirs in preparation for folding up his display table and leaving. He turned, and fear rushed through him at the sight of the man whose black hair had been swept back from a high forehead, tucked behind his ears and gelled in place. He was elegantly dressed in an expensive dark suit, and the collar of a coat that brushed the tops of his shoes was turned up to frame and partially hide his pale face.

Giorgio wasn’t wealthy, but he judged everything the stranger wore had been custom made by one of Italy’s world famous designers. He wondered if the designer had intended to convey the sense of menace radiating from the man.

Giorgio was at the far end of the bridge, but he’d seen the young men pass. He knew Dante Rocco, a friend, was the missing musician, but a sixth sense warned him to keep this from the stranger. He played ignorant by asking, “Scuzzi, signor?”

NIGHT TRAIN (series in paperback)
Carolina Valdez

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. ~ Orson Scott Card




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Shapeshifters, humans, vampires, and the secrets of Little Grizzly Lake town.

Trent was resting with his arms and head back against the rim of the Jacuzzi when a door opened and Martin appeared. A towel covered the highly personal and private parts of his body, too. InhabitingNightTrent watched the fluid movement of muscles and sinew as he approached the pool, and he wanted to yank the towel off and see the sexy bulge that taunted his imagination from under the cloth.

Just as Trent convinced himself how much Martin would disapprove, Martin tugged at the towel and it appeared in his hand.

Free of the restrictions of clothing, he stood in the nude, totally relaxed and comfortable with himself.

Trent inhaled quick and fast at the sight of that splendid physique–a body builder’s shoulders and chest, thickly muscled legs, and a dick whose length was in proportion to his height, a marbled sac dangling from beneath its base. He’d trimmed his bush close, a confirming sign to Trent that he was gay. Excitement rammed through him.





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Beware when you hook up with a vampire. Your life will never be the same. Fabulous adventures may be thrust in your path, and the loving may be beyond hot, steamy and sensual, but you could be seduced into a darkness as annihilating as the black hole formed by the death of a star.

Night Train is a paperback series. My excerpt is from the first story, Night Train To Naples.

med_NightTrainTHE STORY

After seven-hundred years, Alexandros Nicolaides has adjusted to life as an immortal. Employed by a New Orleans diamond courier, the gemologist travels to Italy in the hope of gaining a new customer for the business. On the night train to Naples, he confirms what he’s suspected—someone is following him. Human Dante Rocco has his reasons for tailing the tall blond, He wants the account for an Italian firm. Unaware he follows an immortal, he’s in for a serious shock, but a hot, urgent, sexual bond flares between these two rivals when Alex rescues Dante from thugs and evil. As they struggle with the reality of their relationship, they discover they’re now the ones being pursued—by an unstable, vengeful vampire.

EXCERPT – Sexually explicit

He’d planned to demand why Dante followed him. Instead, unable to resist his urges, Alex leaned in to capture the seductive lips with his mouth. Thoughts of anything else fled.

Dante stiffened, and Alex thought that perhaps he’d been wrong; perhaps this man wasn’t gay. Or maybe he wasn’t as attracted to Alex as Alex was to him, or as stirred up from the fight as he was. Then, as Alex softened his mouth and deepened the kiss, Dante’s body relaxed and he responded hungrily with an exploring, searching tongue, as if he, too, needed release in the aftermath of the attack–to let go of the fear and, in a good fuck, exhaust the stockpiled chemicals his body had triggered so he might fight or flee.

Alex let his hard cock, its full veins thrumming hot against its velvety skin, press against an echoing erection that strained against expensive designer jeans and threatened to break through the fly. He couldn’t have described in words how good, how necessary that felt. He slid his hands down the silk shirt covering Dante’s shoulders and then around to his appealing ass to pull them even tighter together. Knowing how sore Dante’s throat must be, he sent a soft trail of kisses away from the mouth and to the salty drink his throat offered.

His felt his fangs come out, prepared to graze over or sink into the warm skin covering the tantalizing pulse and drink in the rich blood throbbing there. He groaned. And fought temptation.

I can’t do this. This Dante didn’t see my eyes glow red, doesn’t know what I am.

Abruptly, he released the Italian and stepped away as his fangs retracted. “I apologize. It was the fight, you see.” He kept his voice steady, his words formal, even while his body cried out to take this man, to push his cock hard against Dante’s until it spurted and he bit. Drank. He shook off the dangerous thoughts. “Will you be able to make your way home?”

Available now http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/1581-Night-Train.aspx

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