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[The previously free single, Savage Lust, has been included in this revised and lengthened version.]





1316 CE:  Athens, Byzantine Empire

In the mellow evening air, someone called, “Zeibekiko, Alexandros!” It was a warrior’s dance performed by one or, rarely, two men.

He shook his head. Only when the slow rhythmic clapping of his friends’ hands and the strings of the lute joined in did Alex reluctantly rise. The dance, supposedly, was a tribute to the ancient god Zeus.

As he spread his arms and began the controlled, sensual footwork and measured turns of the improvisational solo, he lost himself in the beauty of movement. The others watched, and the clapping ceased as he executed the steps. He smiled inwardly because he knew he had them in the palm of his hands. As he continued, Alex forgot about “having them.” Now, he poured his passion and loneliness into the kneeling, turns and steps, always keeping his arms out, his hands often making brief expressive motions.

He could have danced all night, but the lute’s music gradually slowed as the fingers of the player obviously tired. Alex dropped into a final pose—on his knees, body and head bent back almost touching the ground, arms still wide, palms open to the sky.

The music faded and was gone. There was silence, and then the partygoers clapped and cheered.



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Two very sexy men meet, feel a strange, mystical connection, and come together in a hot, passionate and deeply intimate relationship.

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No one is born a vampire, yet this was the destiny of Alexandros Nicolaides. How? And why did he become a creature of darkness, forbidden the daylight, forced to in contemporary times to travel on night trains?

Savage Lust: Prelude to Night Train is the story of his creation.

Athens, Byzantium circa 1300

When they spotted him, the girls waved and called, “Here, Alexandros!”

“Come dance with us!” the boys invited as they formed a circle to dance as the ancients had done.

The young man with a body like a god’s smiled and hurried across white sand toward a bonfire sending sparks into the sky. He waved an earthen jug of wine, and they cheered.

Mereau waited in the pine grove, the sounds of the surf at his back. He drank in the sight of the long dark hair framing a beautiful face, of broad shoulders that built boats by daylight, at the athletic grace of the figure with its narrow hips and deeply muscled legs powering their way to his friends. Thirst rose in his throat, and his groin surged with need.

Soon, he told himself. Soon I will have him—

Watch for this short story, free this summer!


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My paragraphs are from the second book in my Night Train vampire series.


Dusk crept in, and the lamps on the Ponte Vecchio glowed in the soft, settling night. The wet smell of the river, now the deep color of malachite under the fading light, filtered up through the three open arches of the bridge, first built in Roman times.NightTrainNewOrleans_sitepic

One by one, the goldsmiths and jewelers had closed their shops at both ends of the bridge for the night. The bridge was quiet, almost deserted, when three young men arrived. They crouched and laid their battered guitar cases on the stone floor, then opened them and removed the acoustic instruments. Their banter and laughter mingled with the sounds of strings being tuned.

“What happened to the fourth young man who usually plays with them?”

The voice startled Giorgio, a slightly overweight, older street vendor. Thinking he was alone, he’d been boxing up his cheap souvenirs in preparation for folding up his display table and leaving. He turned, and fear rushed through him at the sight of the man whose black hair had been swept back from a high forehead, tucked behind his ears and gelled in place. He was elegantly dressed in an expensive dark suit, and the collar of a coat that brushed the tops of his shoes was turned up to frame and partially hide his pale face.

Giorgio wasn’t wealthy, but he judged everything the stranger wore had been custom made by one of Italy’s world famous designers. He wondered if the designer had intended to convey the sense of menace radiating from the man.

Giorgio was at the far end of the bridge, but he’d seen the young men pass. He knew Dante Rocco, a friend, was the missing musician, but a sixth sense warned him to keep this from the stranger. He played ignorant by asking, “Scuzzi, signor?”

NIGHT TRAIN (series in paperback)
Carolina Valdez

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. ~ Orson Scott Card




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Amen To Love hit the All Romance eBooks Top 50 Best Seller list at #26, so I’m happily sharing 7 sentences more from this 38,000 word gay romantic suspense.

Amen To Love
The stranger turned from his view out the window, arms folded. He was an inch or so taller than Bond, with hair the color of polished obsidian combed straight back from his forehead and down to tuck neatly behind his ears and end just above the collar of his white shirt. Once again, the gaze of his green eyes took in Bond’s measure, traveling from his face to his shoes.

“You,” Bond whispered.

He went hot at a repeat of the unspoken message of lust in that perusal of him, with its absolute confidence that O’Shea would have him. Even Bond’s cheeks felt warm, and his dick reacted in pure male fashion–as if he’d been propositioned. His lab coat was long enough to hide the beginning rise until he could control it. Which he did.

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NOTE: Mon. 1/19 – Fri. 1/23 Erin O’Quinn, popular author of erotic gay fiction, will be my guest here. Enter to win a copy of her gay novella Cowboys and Kilts by leaving a comment here.


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Carolina Valdez and Amber Quill Allure present a GLBT story of love, murder and suspense in the mountain town of Black Bear and Weatherton Community Hospital


“You look magnificent,” Bond blurted out. His tongue was so tied from emotion it was a wonder he could speak at all.

“And ya look like ya just stepped off a Paris runway.” Rory’s brogue was deliberately thicker tonight and his broad smile revealed his even white teeth. He leaned in to brush his lips across Bond’s. “And ya also look good enough to eat, Navy.”

His hair was once again combed straight back and tucked neatly behind his ears. Bond couldn’t tell which way he liked it best. Both stirred his cock in his trousers, but his jacket was buttoned and partially hid the beginning rise at the soft touch of those warm lips.

O’Shea was resplendent in a dress Celtic kilt and jacket suit of fine wool in charcoal gray. The kilt kissed his thighs just above his knees. Knitted hose ended just below them, their cuffs were turned over and flashes the green of his eyes flipped from them as he walked. Black leather ankle boots, polished to a gleam, covered his feet.

Bond hadn’t known the Irish wore kilts like the Scots did, and he studied the firmly masculine figure before him. He thought those knees so sexy he could have fucked Rory right then and there. Instead, he sighed and let out a low wolf whistle.

The jacket had satin lapels and ended just below Rory’s hips. It wasn’t meant to be buttoned. His black shirt was open at the throat, and a small silver cross on a fine chain glinted against skin tones the color of moonlight.

The sporran was missing, but a silver pin of a sgian-dubh—black knife— was fastened to the lower right of his kilt, signifying that Rory fought right-handed. Absent was the traditional hilt of a real knife protruding from the top of the cuff of the hose on that side…

Amen To Love will be one of five gay stories in the General Hospital AmberPax collection. http://www.amberquill.com/store/m/78-Carolina-Valdez.aspx

Carolina Valdez

ROUTE 66 CONTEST – ENDS 11/03/2014


Considered the “Mother Road” of America, US Route 66 opened in Chicago, Illinois in 1926 to wander 2,448 miles through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, CA.

Although it changed routes numerous times before it was removed from the US Highway System maps in 1985, my husband and I bicycled an abandoned portion of it in the San Bernardino mountains not far from our home. Encouraged by an orthopedic surgeon who was an avid bicyclist, we made the tough uphill mountain climb, often over broken sheets of cement road and fallen trees, but we’re glad we shared this bit of history.

Now designated a National Scenic Byway, sections of Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico and Arizona have been designated Historic Route 66. In California, you will also see its markers.

The mug shows the California towns on the annual memorial ride over portions of it. Newsletter members know what to do to be entered for a chance to win.

Thank you, Karin, for sharing these photos from your trip to the Museum in Barstow, CA.Route66Rt66Indian_DSC01850Rt66horslesscarriage_DSC01852