On March 30th, Amber Quill Press, L.LC. will cease all sales operations. The site will disappear, and soon all its books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, Kobo, and Apple will disappear too.

To an author, our books are like our children—born in travail, loved, and presented happily to the world. Although it’s been difficult for all the owners and authors, I’ve learned that losing my publisher is not the end to my writing career.

I’m happy to announce that Loose Id has accepted what is now Awaking The Alpha, and, with some revisions (they want the sex hotter!) and extensions by me, will release the new version in May. I’m eager to see what title and design for the new cover they choose. This story was a favorite of mine. And of readers, too. It hit #10 on the All Romance eBooks Top Ten Best Sellers. Thanks to everyone who bought it. Hurry, hurry if you want to get it!

For the cover of the original version, I accommodated Trace Edward Zaber, the designer for all the Amber Quill Press titles, by hunting for a photo of a contemporary American Indian.  It wasn’t fast, but I found one…a happy man who has also lived in the white world. When the books are removed from all the sales sites, that cover will still be in my computer. A reminder of happy times.

Meanwhile, you’ll find Unmasked and Amen To Love, with their original covers, cropping up on my website. I decided to indie publish them rather than shop them around, and I purchased the rights to the covers from Trace because I’ve always liked them.


Can two stubborn men come to terms with the real definition of “home”?


Blades on ice might have kept them together, but while one man is open about what he does, the other still hides behind a mask long after the masquerade party has ended.

Have a great year, people!


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Did you know Carolina is pronounced car-oh-leena? And that the emphasis in Val-dez is on the first syllable? It’s a Spanish thing.








#MySexySaturday – LURE by Carolina Valdez


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This is a throwback to earlier days of being published…a hot, sexy read  (Odd, but after all these years I’ve never figured out what my “voice” is as a writer. Maybe you can tell me?)

From LURE by Carolina Valdez

The man, Angelo Santini, watched her from the bar through hooded eyes. She was some woman—long legs, breasts to die for, and the promise of wild pleasure peeking out from under a skirt that covered just enough and not enough. He felt his body responding inappropriately or, rather, appropriately, he thought with a half smile. He was a man, after all. He sipped his beer and turned his thoughts to his assignment instead. He was here as her backup, not to seduce her. Or be seduced, he thought with a chuckle as he saw her slap her flail.

They hadn’t met, yet he could swear she was looking at him, dancing for him. It was uncanny. Looking right at me, he thought, as he watched her lazily running her hands down her hips and up her inner thighs, stopping just short of her skirt, then, crossing her hands over her breasts, she rocked her derrière in circles as she moved around the pole.




#MySexySaturday – AVALANCHE! – a romance revisited

#MySexySaturday – AVALANCHE! – a romance revisited

Nice to see you all again! Hope you’re rejuvenated from the holidays and are ready to roll again with the #My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop.

This male-female romance was released about eight years ago, I think. It’s been unavailable for awhile on Amber Quill, but yesterday I indie published it. It’s been reedited, but is basically the same, sexy, heartwarming tale of romance among skiers…


…Chad has been seriously injured in a ski accident, and Seri is with him to be sure he doesn’t slip into a coma. They’re trapped in his chalet during a blizzard.

From Avalanche!

…In the bathroom, Seri removed her after-ski outerwear, rid herself of the discomfort of a bra over her full breasts all day and shed her black panties. She slipped under the covers beside him wearing only her long, black silk thermals. He stirred and quieted. She curled near him, only close enough to share her body warmth.

Falling instantly asleep as if drugged, she stirred briefly when she felt someone brushing the tendrils of hairs that had escaped from her braid back from her face. Opening her eyes, she saw that she and Chad now faced each other.

“Hi,” he said, his voice soft. He smelled of antiseptic and soap. In the flickering light of the banked fire, his eyes had darkened to lapis lazuli.

That’s who he is in real life, she thought. Someone deep and mysterious, who keeps his thoughts close to his chest. This was the Chad she knew.

“Hi,” she whispered back.

His lips, warm and soft, closed on hers. Desire threaded through her body. Alarm bells rang distantly in her head. Thankfully, Chad went back to sleep, and she didn’t think he was aware she hadn’t returned his kiss. It had been shit hard, but she hadn’t done all the things she’d wanted to do with that mouth, that desire-igniting mouth with its warmth and all encompassing sweetness.

Nothing had changed since high school. And she was a fool…



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If you’ve been to the Amber Quill Press website recently, this is what you’ll see—

“AMBER QUILL PRESS, LLC WILL CEASE ALL RETAIL OPERATIONS AT MIDNIGHT (MDT) MARCH 30, 2016 (0700 UTC) MARCH 31, 2016. The site and all its books will disappear from the Internet at that time. Be sure you’ve downloaded everything from your Bookshelf and have used all your rewards points prior to those dates and time.”


This publisher opened its doors in late 2002, and I was privileged to become one of the authors for this “Gold Standard in Publishing” small press in 2003, when I was a winner in the first Amber Heat Wave Erotic Short Story Contest. My winner, Dark Stranger, was released in the spring of 2004. I recently toned down the sex from erotic to sensual and indie published it as Night Rider, under a different name.

Epublishing was in its infancy in 2002. I’ve been through its rise in popularity and our books finally accepted as non-vanity, non-subsidized real books. In the beginning, you had to purchase an expensive eReader. Today, free apps allow you to read any book on any device.

I like being with a publisher, and am crushed at the loss of mine. The AQP owners and staff were wonderful to work with, they operated an honorable publishing house, and I feel a deep sense of regret that changes in the publishing world have created its demise. Through their support of my work,and thanks to my fans, I earned Published Author Network (PAN) status in Romance Writers of America, saw my stories final and place in romance contests, and built a wonderful online network of author and fan friendships.

In the last two years, I watched royalties slowly decrease for all of us due to a major drop in sales from Amazon. I was among many long-timers who wondered if small presses could survive. With AQP’s closure, I believe at least four houses have been forced out of business in the past year.

Why? Were they poorly managed?

No, the behemoth Amazon, in effect, became a publisher. Not just with Montauk and their Kindle Scout program, but by opening the door to indie publishing. They’ve eliminated the middle man functions of small presses. Now, as an indie publisher/author under a different name, I am the middle man—I pay an editor, a formatter and a cover designer for my books. I pay for advertising, and I’m accountant and tax woman.

Novellas selling for $6.00 on small presses couldn’t compete with Amazon’s prices…often at $1.99, $2.99, $.99. Sometimes even free. Those of us who have joined the indie phenomenon  have had a role in forcing those middle man, small presses out of business. We are part of the downfall. I am part of it because I’ve indie published under a different name.

My website will remain, but on March 31st two male-female erotic stories will be the only books there. In From The Cold will be my first gay erotic rerelease come April 1st. If Loose-Id accepts Silk Stealth (combined with Silk Stealth: Shadow Warrior to make it novel length) it will eventually show up there.

I’ve lived long enough to get it: the world changes. Has ever since my birth in a small Texas town. Now four small presses have closed in the past year, and I’m sure there will be more to come. Some people will stop writing. Others, and I am one, will continue to write. It is what writers do.

Check out the great prices for my books now on Amber Quill’s website. Pick up your free copy of Savage Lust, my prequel to the Night Train vampire series. Do check out my now short-lived, latest release Surf’s Up!, where Raven must decide if he can love a glam man. (I just love these characters.)


Stay with me! And have a great weekend…













ExquisiteChristmasAd3Sixteen years ago, Dee Ann Palmer finished her first novel in a writers workshop in the mountains. Later, as a public health nurse visiting pregnant and parenting teens in those same mountains, she became aware of young men eagerly awaiting the first snowfall so they could work at the ski facilities. With those memories, it’s not surprising she chose the mountains, a blizzard and a ski resort for her two stories in this winter romance collection.

The opening to A Night to Remember

It was the worst Christmas Eve Marlee had ever lived through. Providing she did live through it, she thought. People who longed for a white Christmas obviously didn’t expect it to come with a power outage and a blizzard like she was creeping along in in her old Nissan.

Squinting to see, she switched the heat to the front and rear windshields. If she didn’t reach her house soon, the wipers wouldn’t be able to cut through the ice forming there. The snow had thickened and the temperature had dropped in the last thirty minutes…

Opening to Snowfall–

What a glorious day! Riley filled her lungs with the icy air as the seat of the lift slid under her. She looked out as it pulled her upward. The night’s storm had floated fresh powder over High Mountain as far as she could see.

She smiled. Great. We’ll be busy today, and we’ll have a white Christmas.

Angels Ski Resort was on the California side of the Sierra Nevada range, and as the ski instructor she worked at the base of the lift and runs. Today, her task as a senior ski patroller was to do a trail safety sweep. Arriving early, she’d keyed open the drive terminal, stepped inside to set the chairlift in motion, then exited the building and relocked it. She’d turned on the heat in the next building, which held the instruction rooms and ski patrol offices…

Read them both in Exquisite Christmas, available in print or digital from your favorite bookseller.


In every age, the heart loves, and Dee Ann Palmer’s romances over the past twelve years have reflected those eras in contemporary, historic and fantasy tales. Palmer is a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America’s PAN group. She’s married to her college sweetheart, and they live in beautiful southern California in easy reach of mountains, desert and beaches.

http://deeannpalmer.com   http://deeannpalmer.blogspot.com http://www.facebook.com/AuthorDeeAnnPalmer



ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL – Excerpt for #My Sexy Saturday

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Dillon, an undercover agent, captured off planet, dreams of escaping and returning to his firewarrior lover, David. When he returns, he finds a new man in his lover’s bed. How can he, will he, mend his shattered life?

EXCERPT – Dillon communicates from off-world via  a TV monitor

As Dillon talked, his gold and amber eyes seemed to bore into David’s as he unbuckled the belt on his trousers, and slid the zipper down with deliberate slowness.

David almost choked on the food in his mouth as he heard its casual whisper and watched it reveal black boxer briefs which should be as sleek as Dillon’s sports car but right now housed a large bulge straining their front. Dillon discarded the dark slacks and briefs, then turned and leaned over to fold his slacks and lay them on the bed. The smooth roundness of a butt that was at once firm and yet not so hard it didn’t have a sexy give when squeezed, hid the manhole at the base of the crevice between its globes. His balls swung loose and low between thighs David knew weren’t as large as his own, but were still hard and powerful. Waves of sensation rushed through him as images of the unbridled sex they’d planned for that last night flashed like a kaleidoscope in his head.

The camera’s lens zoomed in close as Dillon turned. “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.”


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Happy reading!  Carolina




Be sure to pick up a free copy of SAVAGE LUST, prequel to the series. NIGHT TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS is the second story in the series. http://www.amberquill.com/store/m/Carolina-Valdez.aspx

Alexandros and Dante meet and fall in love in Naples. Alex talks Dante into visiting him in his home town of New Orleans….Confusion, danger and passion heat up the reunion of Italian diamond courier Dante Rocco and his once business-rival-turned-lover, the vampire Alexandros Nicolaides. Alex has never wavered in what Dante means to him, but Dante arrives in New Orleans suddenly unsure of his feelings and the impulsive promise he’d made to leave Italy for America. In the historic richness of the French Quarter, Dante must decide how he really feels about Alex, even as the powerful ruler of the Louisiana vampires complicates their lives, and Giacomo arrives bent on murder.


Alex studied the man in the drunken stupor. Where were the welcoming arms, the sexual passion and heat, the fucking he’d anticipated with his lover tonight after such a long separation? This reunion had not only fallen short of his expectations, but Dante’s behavior puzzled him. For openers, he’d never seen him have more than one drink at a meal. For another, he’d sensed guardedness even over a simple kiss. Dante had pulled back instead of stepping forward into the kiss. Tonight Alex suspected Dante had used overindulgence to shut himself off from lovemaking. At the moment he wasn’t sure why because Dante’s response to his kisses and his touch had signaled how much Dante wanted to fuck with him.

Alex sighed. So he’s shut me out, and here I am, my cock as hard and tight in its skin as a boulder and my body trembling with wanting him.

Slipping off his shoes, he lay on his side on top of the covers behind Dante and propped himself up on one elbow. Dante’s hair was in his eye, and Alex brushed it back, enjoying its silken feel and that of the elegant lines of Dante’s facial bones. His skin was warm. Alive. Alex especially loved that about him and intended he would stay that way. Dante didn’t stir as Alex’s finger slid down the bridge of his nose, which was just as aristocratic as Alex remembered it. In sleep, Dante’s dark lashes reached well beneath his lower lids. Only their upward curl kept them from touching his face. Like men with dark hair, his jaw line and upper lip were shadowed by the hint of new growth.

Alex found it very sexy.

Dante didn’t move even when Alex ran his hand over his hip and spread it wide across one buttock to press the firm roundness covered by bedding and briefs. His hand retreated to Dante’s shoulder and the delectable place where it met his neck. Alex’s eye teeth, pointed and sharp, lengthened as he smelled the blood coursing there and detected the alcohol tainting it. Leaning forward, he closed his eyes and listened to Dante’s heart as with its every pump blood pulsated against the vessels in his neck. The blood magic enthralled him, called him…to drink. No one else’s blood tasted like Dante’s. No other human intrigued him as much. Alex moved closer, spooning with the curve of his lover’s body. It would be wrong to sink his fangs into that neck unless Dante knew of it, but Alex’s aching cock and marbled sac demanded release and almost leaped into his hand as it found them. Pleasure absorbed him as he toyed with himself, then seriously stroked, kneaded and pulled until his body sang with sensation and he knew he was close to the zenith of all he could feel. It was time. Only then did he lean over and sink one fang carefully into Dante’s earlobe.

As the sweet taste of Dante’s blood hit his tongue, his body remembered how it was to be inside his man-love. He arched more tightly against him.